Benjamin Pick – Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dave,

Yesterday January 9, 2012 you sent out a crew to work to remove a mature tree that fell across my wall and into my neighbor’s property and came to rest on the neighbors roof and gutters.

Your employees secured the area by creating a walkway to the back area and then immediately secured the tree from inflicting further damage by bracing the tree above the roofline.

Your supervisor, Luciano Munoz, worked diligently with his crew to cut and remove the tree as quickly as possible from my neighbors premises. At all times Luciano, was watchful to safeguard any damage to windows and doors of the house with men at ready to catch and hold on to portions of cut tree trunk.

After cutting the tree to the base, they cleaned the premises and left leaving hardly a trace of the work.

All your employees deserve commendation and Luciano a special thanks for a job well done.