A few words from our valued customers:

It was a pleasure to use your company, and I will definitely recommended your services to anyone who seeks an insured, qualified and professional tree trimmer.

The Party Staff Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted you to know that your crew did an outstanding job on the tree. The tree looks perfect and your crew was quick doing the work, plus cleaning up of the grounds.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone who requires tree service.

Brett Mattison – Northridge, CA

I greatly appreciate how all my concerns and questions, post pre and post job, were thoroughly answered by Tara & Kim. They are great ambassadors for Thrifty Tree Service. And a super thank you for your tree care advice.

Jonathan Curtiss – Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Dave,

Once again, my fortunate encounter with Thrifty Tree Service was very pleasing. Again, I will express my amazement and utter respect for your expertise, scholarship and vast knowledge of not only trees but all forms of vegetation.
You have the greatest eye for the aesthetics of determining the shape and proportion and the scale of trees and where and how you prune and cut to avoid traumatizing the trees when doing so.
I want to thank you again, for your excellent work done to my trees. You have a great heart and it was a joy to encounter such a man of integrity as you.

Mrs. G Stewart

Dear Dave,

When I called your office to ask about your tree service, I was pleasantly greeted by one of your office staff. She immediately set up an appointment for you to come to my house and give me an estimate to trim my tree as well as my neighbor’s tree. I hired you on the spot not only due to the reasonable price, but because of how pleasant you were and your experience in this business.

The crew that trimmed the tree at my house and my neighbor’s house was very professional and knowledgeable. They were hard workers and did an outstanding job. They cleaned up the street and both yards so that one would never know that both had once been littered with branches and leaves. I was very impressed with their work ethic. The trees look great. My neighbor and I will continue to use your company when the trees need trimming again, probably in the next year or two.

I would highly recommend Thrifty Tree Service to anyone who is looking to hire an honest, reputable and professional company.

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Diane L. Hermanson , Reseda, CA

Diane L. Hermanson – Reseda, CA

Dear Dave,

Yesterday January 9, 2012 you sent out a crew to work to remove a mature tree that fell across my wall and into my neighbor’s property and came to rest on the neighbors roof and gutters.

Your employees secured the area by creating a walkway to the back area and then immediately secured the tree from inflicting further damage by bracing the tree above the roofline.

Your supervisor, Luciano Munoz, worked diligently with his crew to cut and remove the tree as quickly as possible from my neighbors premises. At all times Luciano, was watchful to safeguard any damage to windows and doors of the house with men at ready to catch and hold on to portions of cut tree trunk.

After cutting the tree to the base, they cleaned the premises and left leaving hardly a trace of the work.

All your employees deserve commendation and Luciano a special thanks for a job well done.

Benjamin Pick – Los Angeles, CA