Certified Arborist Tree Diagnosis

Thrifty Tree Service has multiple ISA Certified Arborists on staff that have the education and experience to diagnose tree health problems and recommend treatments. Many trees become disease ridden and with declining health can be saved with proper treatments. What may look like a healthy tree on the outside could be totally rotten and disease-ridden on the inside.

If such a tree is not taken care of promptly, it could result in a disastrous situation. Our Certified Arborists are available for you to inspect the trees on your property and, if there are any damages or diseases, we can safely remove them or treat them for you. Additionally, our Certified Arborists are able to provide tree health reports and value-risk assessments, as seen in the list of services we provide.

Our Certified Arborists are able to provide consultations on the health of a tree. Consulting arborists provide written reports for many aspects of tree management including: appraisal values, property loss, risk assessment, diagnosis, preservation of trees during construction, and many more. It is important to note that not all ISA Certified Arborists are Registered Consultants, and not all Registered Consultants are Certified Arborists, but at Thrifty Tree Service, all of our Certified Arborists are Registered Consultants.