The Party Staff Inc.

Dear Dave,

As you know, my wife and I recently moved into a home that needed a lot of backyard tree maintenance. We had notice the Thrifty truck a few street down the road and commented on how clean the work site was kept. We were also impressed at how organized the whole job looked even the truck was kept in a way to minimize street obstruction.

We entertained a few bids for the large amount of work that was needed for our yard. We ended u choosing you because your professionalism far exceeded that of any of the other bidders. You were able to answer our questions honestly and provide proper documentation to ease our concerns up front. As a business owner, I can really appreciate the extra steps you took to insure the safety and thoroughness of the job.

We were very impressed at how carefully and skillfully you were able to perform the work, not to mention the great cleanup. Our yard looks wonderful, and we are so glad at what a hassle-free process this has been. We are also pleased that the owner himself came out to the house during the work to ensure the job was done well. It was like a good episode of extreme makeover where the large team comes and finishes the job quickly and efficiently.

It was a pleasure to use your company, and I will definitely recommended your services to anyone who seeks an insured, qualified and professional tree trimmer.

Most Sincerely,
The Party Staff Inc, Los Angeles, CA